Conservation Volunteering

Explore captivating marine havens. Venture into the tranquil embrace of tropical waters. Drift along majestic coral reefs. Uncover the secrets of our planet’s most precious underwater landscapes. These habitats, crucial for Earth’s vitality, beckon. Answer as a Caribbean Reef Buddy volunteer, joining the mission to restore coastal ecosystems and protect endangered marine species. Your path to conservation and discovery begins here


Our volunteer programs are designed to get you actively involved in our ongoing marine conservation projects. Whether you are looking to work in marine ecology and conservation as part of your course work, or you simply want to spend your summer learning close to the ocean, we offer you a warm welcome.


Dive into Adventure
Explore our projects and take a moment to immerse yourself in their details. Select the program weeks that resonate with your passion and curiosity. If you're seeking an extended journey and yearn to engage in diverse activities, including the possibility of pursuing your Divemaster qualification, don't hesitate to reach out. Send us a message or request a call, and we'll guide you through the array of options available. We're here to discuss your aspirations and provide guidance on the path that aligns perfectly with your ambitions.

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Any questions? We're here to help! We can advise on travel arrangements, and give you information about the island and our projects. Let us know if you'd like to video chat and get a look at the place and facilities. We can also arrange for you to chat to one of our alumni volunteers, who will be happy to talk to you about their time here, giving you a better idea about what to expect and the things you look forward to.


For more useful information refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our Program starts again on Monday 6th May 2024 and moves forward on a rolling four-week basis. Each four week period starts with a “Training Week”, which is aimed at those volunteer that need to learn to scuba dive. Volunteers with an 'Advanced Open Water' certification or higher can join on this date and either participate in our first "Project Week" or have a scuba diving refresher. We then have three more “Project Weeks”, working on our marine conservation projects, before we reset and start again.

Program Start Dates for 2024 are therefore:

May 6th

June 3rd

July 1st

July 29th

August 26th

Volunteers can join for as long as they are able to, and participant in as many project weeks as you're able to.

For more useful information refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

New divers are required to complete a “Training Week” , which includes Open Water Diver and Advanced Adventure Diver training, and means you’ll be perfectly equipped to work with us on the coral reefs

The cost of Training Week is

, which includes all EVERYTHING you need to learn. The digital manuals, the scuba equipment, and an enormous amount of fun on the boat

Certified scuba divers who are qualified to Advanced Open Water Diver level or above, and have logged 15 or more dives, can join our Project Week at any point.

Please note that you must be here for your orientation on Monday morning to take part in the week's activities. The cost for each Program Week is US$875, which includes all required training, training materials, dive equipment rental and project support for the week.

All above costs include: All dive training, or fun diving in lieu of courses, equipment rental, course fees and manuals are also included as well as project t-shirts. Airfares, transfers to Carriacou, medical/travel insurance and personal expenses are not included. It is compulsory for all volunteers take out travel/medical (including dive) insurance prior to joining the project.

A deposit will be required at the point of booking, with the full balance of your program costs being paid at least 28 days prior to your arrival.


Accommodation is provided at a local guest house/hotel called Rosa's and is provided on a shared basis (two to a room) with breakfast and evening meals provided. Each room is equipped with an en-suite bathroom and a full kitchen too, just in case you want to prepare food yourself. Laundry service, Air-conditioning, and single person occupancy are available at additional costs. Let us know if this is something you would prefer.

Sometimes, you’ll get a room to yourself, or you may get moved during stay as we balance rooms to ensure they’re single gender. Extra nights accommodation on Carriacou is available at US$50 per night- this does not include extra diving activities and must be booked in advance.

You will be able to extend your stay on the program (subject to availability) when you're here. Just ask any of the team for information if you're not ready to head home yet.

Limited off-site Self-Catering options are also available for those wishing to stay longer. Please inquire early for availability and cost information


The below courses are optional, additional training you can elect to take. Please let us know, as part of your application, if there are any additional training courses that interest you.

Divemaster course at Caribbean Reef Buddy


Course length: 3 weeks

The Divemaster internship program combines dive professional development with our ongoing conservation projects and training courses.

Go to our Conservation Divemaster Internship page for more information.

Recreational CCR Diver

Recreational CCR Diver

Course length: 5 days

This course is a great option for underwater photographers and marine biologists. As part of this course you will log a minimum of 300 mins of rebreather time in the water. This course will qualify you to dive on the KISS Spirit Rebreather down to a max. depth of 21m /70 ft with no decompression, up to 1.2 PO2.

Recreational Sidemount Diver

Recreational Sidemount Diver

Course length: 3 days

Recreational sidemount is an easy, efficient way of diving with two tanks, giving yourself redundancy and more air to complete tasks, while at the same time improving your buoyancy control.

Wreck Diver

Wreck Diver

Course length: 3 days

Many wrecks are foundations for artificial reefs, providing shelter to a host of marine life. Learn how to map, and safely explore & penetrate a wreck. This course can be taught as either sidemount or backmount (BCD).

Deep Diver

Deep Diver

Course length: 3 days

Do you have a Depth Wish? Take your dives deeper, and learn how to safely explore beautiful deep dive sites down to depths of up to 40m/130ft.

Digital Underwater Videography

Digital Underwater Videography

Course length: 3 days

There are so many things to see underwater - learn how to capture beautiful footage, tell a story and create videos using popular video editing software. You will get the most out of this course if you have your own underwater camera and laptop.

Enriched Air Nitrox

Enriched Air Nitrox

Course length: 1 day

The Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course will teach you how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen, allowing you to extend your no decompression limits. This certification is included free in your SSI Divemaster course.