The Caribbean Reef Buddy team consists of biologists, enthusiasts & diving professionals who are passionate about marine conservation.


Our Mission is to work with and in support of local communities to assist in the protection and preservation of a healthy, diverse and sustainable marine ecosystem.

Our Objective lies in maintaining strong ties and links to the local community, their interests and concerns. The success and sustainability of any marine environmental study or conservation project is largely dependent on a comprehensive outreach program.

Our Vision is the continual identification of marine ecological and environmental initiatives within Grenada and Carriacou. Deliver local, national and international outreach programs in conjunction with an all inclusive training package to protect and preserve the marine and coral reef ecosystem.


Caribbean Reef Buddy is supported by a team of PADI & SSI professionals, biologists and marine conservation & diving enthusiasts.

Gary Ward

Program Director & Instructor 

Gary is one of the founder members of CRB with head in the ocean and feet on the ground. He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Henley Business College.

He realizes that conservation projects are critical to the survival of the reefs, but they need to be financially sustainable in order to last long and achieve magnificent goals.

Gary is also a PADI and SSI Master Instructor and an excellent mentor, patient teacher and loves nothing more than seeing the bright happy faces of new students. Gary is actively involved in the Marine Conservation effort to help to protect the marine environment in Carriacou.



Nora first came to Carriacou in May 2018 to join Caribbean Reef Buddy's volunteer program. She promptly fell in love with the island and all its creatures, and has now returned on a more permanent basis.

Working as a diving instructor for our partners Deefer Diving, Nora specialises in Fish ID. She has also been crowned the best lionfish cevice chef on the island, and the best seahorse and macro life spotter on the team.

No one knows how she does it but if you're ever looking for seahorses, you know who to call...



Jonny joined Caribbean Reef Buddy in 2021 as a volunteer and fell in love with the island and the work we do.  Since then he has worked hard to become a PADI Instructor and Coral Garden Lead too.

Jonny has an infectious sense of humour alongside a passion for our marine environment, which means he's able to turn every experience into an adventure.

Outside of diving Jonny loves cooking, baking, pointless strolls on the beach, karaoke and gardening.


Divemaster & Marine Biologist

Ashley is a Marine Biology graduate from St George's University in Grenada.  She joined the team as an intern in 2022 and impressed us with her passion, knowledge and personality.  Everyone loves Ashley!

She's passionate about marine ecology and her SIDS (Small Island Developing States) and has taken a lead role in the project delivery for CRB.  Under her stewardship our coral nursery has gone from strength to strength.


Harry came to Deefer Diving just over 4 years ago. A tiny kitten, just skin & bones, he was rescued by Sally from the Kayak Cafe and brought to us one rainy afternoon. With lots of love and good food, Harry has become a wonderful sociable character, an essential member of our team: everything is more fun when there's a Harry involved!

Harry loves snuggling up to scuba gear, and is forever looking for new & wonderful places to sleep. His fine figure is the envy of all island cats! Harry's favourite food is freshly caught lionfish - truly sustainable and so tasty. Any visit to Deefer Diving is not complete without a hello from our Harry! 


Boat Skipper & Divemaster

Jimmy joined the team in July 2021. He's since done his dive master training with us. Jimmy is a coral and marine life enthusiast, he'll never miss out on an opportunity to help out with our Coral Restoration project and Reef Check.

Jimmy loves the ocean and everything in it, his passion and curiosity for the underwater world will definitely rub off on anyone he interacts with.

After working with us he plans to go to College in Grenada to study marine biology, putting his big brain to the best use!