Macroinvertebrates & Photography

Learn or improve your underwater photography skills while discovering the world of macroinvertebrates. This beginner-friendly project aims to teach you techniques to improve your underwater photography skills while assessing the diversity of macroinvertebrates of Carriacou. Discover the world of nudibranchs and other marine macroinvertebrates that often get overlooked.

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Macroinvertebrates are small but mighty!

Marine invertebrates make up over 92% of our oceans and inhabit every zone of the water column. By virtue of their size however, they are often overlooked. Macroinvertebrates though small, play key roles in the marine ecosystem and the loss of theses species can have a cascading ecological and economical effect. Compared to other marine species however, macroinvertebrates are often underrepresented in conservation efforts. 

This program seeks to highlight the importance of marine macroinvertebrates, potential stressors that they are facing and challenges for their conservation in this region.

I 'sea' You Macros!

Currently, in Carriacou and the surrounding islands, there is a gap to be filled with information on marine macroinvertebrates; specifically, a catalogue of the species present.

As a volunteer, you will be trained to identify various species of macroinvertebrates specifically, nudibranchs and sea slugs and assess the biodiversity of these species.

This project combines your macro. study with underwater photography to help give you an eye for these little guys and gals!   

Advance Your Underwater Photography Skills

Whether you are brand new to underwater photography or an advanced photographer, this program is an excellent way to learn and improve your skills. This program is also a wonderful way to meet other volunteers who share a passion for capturing the magic within our oceans.

During this program you'll touch on equipment set up and care, photo techniques, camera settings, housings editing and more!

Capture the hidden world of Macros! 

This program combines your macroinvertebrate study with fun daily challenges to improve your skills while introducing you to the wonderful world of these often overlooked organisms!

This study has never been conducted in the region; identifying new, never seen before species is a very real possibility!