Pioneering Coral Rejuvenation: A Journey of Regeneration

Elkhorn outplants on our coral reefs

Creating a Safe Haven.

In 2016, Caribbean Reef Buddy proudly launched our first coral nursery project, in association with The Nature Conservancy/UNEP.  This was done in an effort to fast-track coral growth with the reintroduction of extinct species of corals previously widespread in the region.

Withing a safe nursery environment we started growing fragments of Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) before branching out into growing Staghorn corals (Acropora cervicornis).

Now our nurseries have sampled of soft corals and finger corals growing, as well as we're examining the impact of utilizing 'Bio-rock' concepts.

Caring For The Coral Babies

It is important that when we're creating these artificial growing environments that we spend time maintaining the sites in order that we afford the young corals the best opportunity to grow and thrive.  We therefore spend time in each of the nursery areas making sure algae is kept at bay and hydroids are removed.

We'll use this opportunity to measure growth, and ensure sick corals are appropriately quarantined too.

Outplanting and Ongoing Care

This part of the project has us eventually return the coral fragments to the reef in a secure space.  Once out-planted we will regularly return to the site to take measurements to monitor growth, and make any running repairs too.

As a Coral Nursery volunteer you'll join us on all the stages of this project as we look to continue and expand our coral conservation and care here in Carriacou.